5 Mistakes Smart Dudes Make When They Buy Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts rock, there’s no denying. But, the wrong cargo shorts will leave you crying.

We recently heard a story about a guy … One morning he went to get dressed and found his old  cargo shorts had been donated to charity by his lady.

Well, he had to find something else to wear on his day off, so he complained (in a manly way, of course)

So, his lady (who was a sweetheart, and wanted him to look good) took him out to buy him some brand new, stylish cargos.

You can probably guess what store she took him to. Small things like this definitely lead to peaceful relationships.

So, now that you’re “in the know”…

Let’s get into the mistakes guys make when they buy cargos

… So you won’t commit the same crimes, and you’ll also be extra happy with your favorite, useful, and casual “day-off” shorts.

Mistake number 1. Buying your cargo shorts too big.

When picking out your cargo shorts, try them on. If you need a belt to hold them up … they may be too big. If they fall down when you loosen that belt, they are definitely too big.

We first noticed this “loose-fit” style coming out of the hip-hop movement…

It started on stage, carried over to the streets and then on to suburbia, and the rest of the world. It’s not a flattering look, or a practical idea.

It’s also been “out of style” for a long, long, lonely time. Ask your partner about the fit when trying yours on.

Mistake number 2. Buying the wrong color.

Add some color to your life, guy. The average man’s wardrobe is generally plain enough, without adding more olive drab, khaki, or plain old gray into the mix.

Instead, pick fresh, vibrant colors – that bring out your eyes, brighten you up, get you noticed, and don’t look like the bottom of a shoe.

Just look around and you’ll find new appealing cargos that’ll “fix-up” your casual wardrobe.

Mistake number 3. Don’t shop on price – Go for quality, and you’ll get real value

Back in the day, cargos were heavy-duty. They lasted a long time, years and years. They were a great value. Then they got popular, and the knock-offs came in.

They were too thin. They didn’t “breathe”. The material didn’t “lay” right.  The pockets weren’t made well. The front pockets weren’t deep enough to be practical. The back pockets fell apart. Holes and thin spots showed up quickly.

They even looked cheap. That’s because they were cheap. The guy that invested a little bit more into his cargos is the guy that got the real value.

His shorts held up, stayed strong, lasted a long time and are still with him today … giving him fit and style, and the convenience and security of safe, strong (and large) pockets.

Yes, it’s all about the pockets. Check those pockets and get your style right (and how you want it be). Make sure you have enough big pockets in all the right places…

On to…

Mistake number 4.  Buying the “frayed” look…

This mistake is easy to avoid. But still so important.

No frayed, no stone-washed, no bleach-bit, no, no, no.

Hey, they’re going to get old anyway … And, when they’re old, then it’s time for new cargos. Don’t buy anything that looks second-hand, capiche? Alright!

And that leads us to…

Mistake number 5. Getting your cargos from the wrong place.

You want to get your cargos from people who know cargos. From people who know quality, fit, value, timeless style, and fashion…

That way, you don’t worry about mistakes. You talk to your personal “fashion consultant” and get your cargos right the first time … every time … and it’s easy!

Practicality, comfort, quality, and style, that’s the true value…

and that’s what cargos are all about!