What Did You Forget Now?

You’ve heard these words from your wife, husband, or friend…

You lose your glasses. You lose the remote. You misplace your keys. You can’t remember the name of someone you’ve just met. You may even forget your own age.

You have a “senior moment” from time to time, and you noticed that you’re much more easily distracted. Maybe your mind wanders when someone is talking to you, and you can’t stay focused on the work in front of you…

Whether you’re still feeling young or getting a little older, you’ve learned a lot in your lifetime. As we get older, we get wiser, right?

But, what if you can’t remember all that wisdom you have stored up in the memory banks? Now scientists know why your memory fails you.

Warning: you may have damaged brain wiring!

These memory lapses are caused by a common brain-wiring problem that starts in middle age. This “short circuit ” in your brain wiring makes it harder for the messages to travel from one part of your brain to the other part.

Somewhere in between, they are hopelessly lost, and suddenly you can’t remember where you parked your car.

Don’t blame it on getting older, and don’t let it win. It can be easily fixed!

 Scientists know why this happens, and their research has shown that the cause is damage to the “white matter coating” that covers your nerves, called Myelin.

Myelin is like the rubber coating that protects electrical wires from rust and damage. When the rubber gets worn away, the electrical wires don’t work well. They lose power, become frayed, and need fixing.

The same thing happens to your brain-nerve wiring. The coating gets worn, the wiring becomes frayed and the signals won’t send like they should. You need to repair your Myelin.

On top of all this … Your neurotransmitter production slows down as you age – and this can double your troubles!

These neurotransmitters are the chemical fuel your brain needs to operate normally. When the Myelin wears out, you don’t produce enough neuro-transmitters, and this causes problems:

Without an adequate supply of neurotransmitters you experience the heartbreak of having a poor memory, handicapped learning, and a restless mind. This leaves you without your much-needed ability to concentrate.

Double trouble, caused by the bad wiring. Read more about this, plus other hidden triggers here)(CTA #1)

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