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How To Jump Your Sales With Curiosity-Based Presell Pages

You already know…

When a prospect clicks your link (or Ad), it’s not good enough to send him directly to the sales page. 

Sometimes the “direct approach” works, but most times it falls flat on its face.  The days of “easy sales” on the internet are long gone.

Today, online buyers are distracted. And they don’t want to waste their time reading long Sales Pages. First, they need a preview of what’s to come.

That’s where the Curiosity-Based Presell Page comes in. It provides just that.

The Presell Page fits into your funnel right before the Sales Page…

Marketing Funnel With Presell Page

Hands down, curiosity is…

…the number one technique you can use to motivate your prospects.

People will go to great lengths to satisfy their curiosity. A Presell Page that includes curiosity puts your reader in a state of mind to find out more.

He clicks a link at the bottom and is taken to your Sales Page.

Your Presell Page “warms up” the prospect with interesting, curiosity-based content.

Intensifies His Emotion

Your reader is dealing with a serious issue and wants a result that relieves his pain.  By agitating his emotions, his desire to find a solution is intensified.

Gives Him Hope

A well-written Presell Page offers a “taste” of the solution with benefit statements. Your prospect is “primed” with content that makes him feel like relief is just a click away.

Encourages Believability

Believability is the key that opens the door of persuasion. A Presell Page includes believability elements that help you gain the trust of your prospects.

Three Types of Presell Pages

A solution-based presell focuses on a curiosity element. It reveals a high-level solution to the reader’s problem. But the reader must actually click to the sales page to discover the specifics.

Touch your prospect with a human-interest story that’s easy for him to relate to. Stories reduce skepticism and help intensify the prospect’s emotions.

An entertaining, easy-to-read presell that works anywhere people go to read for pleasure. Listicles stoke curiosity and make the prospect visit your sales page.

Hi, I’m Rick.

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