About Rick

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take” (Wayne Gretzky)

Hey, this is Rick, and this is my about me, and it’s the first one I’ve ever done. It was really hard, why?

I’m not really into talking about myself, especially when it comes to self-praise. I’m still working on the about me below, and just came back to write this intro, and let these thoughts flow out of my head.

Let’s just say that this whole section below is here to tell you more about my history. Not only that, mainly it’s here to coax you into using my services. That’s my main goal.

Let me tell you straight up. I’ll do my best when working for you. I work really hard to not let people down. In life and in my work.

That’s the main thing and the rest (My life and work history) is secondary. It may not matter all that much to you, as long as I do a great job, right? Correct!

Read on if you like, and please  remember this… I had to sing my own praises below. That’s self-marketing.

It was a hard, hard thing to do, and I’m still looking at it, thinking I sound too egotistical

Main thing is I’m basically a humble and even self-deprecating person who will do my very best to get your sales copy right. That’s my job, and I love love love compliments from clients, mentors, students, people, my GF, etc.

I have to blow my own horn here, to market myself. So, here it goes…

Why work with Rick?

After all of the life and work experience I’ve had, I’ve also been given heaps of knowledge about sales copy (and even more about marketing) from the best coach a guy could ask for.

I keep my word. If I say I’ll do something, I’ll do it to the best of my ability.

I’m easy to work with – I listen to my clients, and have their best interests at heart. This benefits both me, and my clients – With repeat business, knowing what to expect, and great results for your project.

I deliver when I promise to. I deliver on time with this one caveat: I rarely take on rush jobs, because I find the longer your copy stays with me, the better it comes out in the end. So, I give myself plenty of time to finish the work to my satisfaction. My turn-around time is generally 2 weeks.

My Process

I research until the “lights” go on – and stay on, then I write. I look at it a few hours after I’m done, the next day, and even the next week, and I look for ways to improve on what I’ve done.

I communicate regularly, and I’m online daily (too much), so you can always get in touch with me, leave me a message, and let me know your needs.

I’m a pro, a specialist. I specialize in presells and advertorials and have learned from the best.

On top of that, I’m friendly, jovial, and honest. I don’t waste my time on petty things, and I concentrate on what’s really important in life (and business).

And… after that horn-blowing session here comes the extended “about me”…

Hey, this is Rick, coming at ya from the Highlands.

How’s it going today? I’m glad you’re here to read my semi-biographical back story “About” section.

I’m Rick- I help business owners increase sales and conversions. I make you, and your company more money with presells and advertorials.

Presells are my specialty, and that’s what I do.

Ever since I was a teen, I’ve been a buy and sell guy. Finding deals; marketing and selling came naturally. It was usually fun and always brought in extra money.

Later on, when I moved out of my parent’s house and was working on my own, I got even more into buying and selling. From musical instruments to appliances, then on to motorcycles, cars and houses.

I also have a background in “live in person” sales, tele-sales, retail management, and general marketing. I used my skills to work my way up through the ranks of selling lemonade as a kid, then newspaper subscriptions, door-to-door gadget sales, on to retail management, and then to real estate sales, lending and investing.

After getting the real estate thing together, I had more time and money to travel and pursue my other passion – music.

So, that’s what I did. I handed the property keys to my mom (ex- Realtor and property manager) and left with my girlfriend to Europe, hoping to find a great band in England, the home of my all-time favorite bands.

I’m not the first American drummer to do this. Stewart Copeland of the POLICE did the same thing. After playing around a bit in London and nearby, I got a tip to go to Galway and joined a band playing original music.

That lasted about 2 years, and we did pretty well. I helped with press releases and promotions and we won a few band battles, but then our singer had problems and went on what seemed to be a permanent hiatus. December came (again) along with the cold and gray, the band stopped, and I decided to head back home.

 After being back home for a while and re-grouping, I decided to give a go at staying and playing in Australia. I figured it was warm, would have English influence, friendly people and we could go and have a good time

I worked with a couple bands in Melbourne – one cover and one original, but the same kind of normal band things happened (personality differences, general flakiness). These things happen in a band, so I was used to it.

Refocusing… I’m a writer, musician, business owner, real estate guy and a amateur semi-gourmet chef (the chef part came out of necessity).

My wife is actually a better cook, but the truth is we opened up a small grocery, and Ina loves it at the store, so she leaves most of the cooking part up to me.

During my lifetime, I must have written a few hundred classified ads to buy and sell, look for bandmates and also to promote gigs, well before I ever had heard of the term “copywriting”.

I worked in real estate lending for a while and then I went into real estate investing.

Lately I’ve been writing sales copy for info product marketers, e-commerce, fashion folks, and a few startups.

I’m in direct marketing and advertising.

(The professional term for this work is Copywriter) –

I’m also the creator of an info product for kids- “Everybody Imagines – The 20 Minute Creative Kid Builder”. Check it out – the kids love it, it has received some great feedback, and it’s definitely an easy and beneficial program to bring into children’s lives.

I’ve learned lately that many people dont know what copywriting is, (hopefully you’re not one of them).

So, sometimes, I call it writing for sales, or sales writing. It’s writing to sell a product/service, or just to get people to take action (Click this, sign up here, read more here, etc. That’s the call to action that I’m writing to get, and it’s what I strive for daily.)

Summing it up, here’s some other notable things about me:

I takes deadlines very seriously when people are waiting.

I’m meticulous about getting stuff done for my clients.

With my free time, I’ve been known to contact old clients to revise their stuff for free – to improve sales after the fact…

…and basically that’s about it for now.

I’m in direct marketing and advertising, and I specialize in presells and advertorials.

Contact me if you need help with anything, and I guarantee to do my best!

Thanks, Rick